Mark Intensive

‘MARK’ 4-day International Intensive —
A Gathering of Masters Creating the Unknown

*Channeled by Jonette Crowley

*Every 2 years we are gathering from all over the world in The Netherlands to celebrate 4 magnificent and powerful days together. With love, joy, laughter and silence we connect in ways we could never imagined, guided by MARK. 

*In 2017 we had an amazing group of 155 people. Below you find the description of the 2017 event, just for inspiration and to keep the energies moving for the next 4 days in 2019, Sept 19 – 22 …..

“Keep playing in the higher dimensions. The future of mankind depends on it.” MARK

Explore the potential of permanently opening and then integrating the huge cosmic capacity of your right brain!
Join us at this extraordinary event as Jonette channels ‘MARK’ for an International 4-day Intensive Workshop. 2017 is The Year of Awakening! Let’s make the most of it by joining together for a powerful 4-day retreat! Our intention is for at least 122 people to participate in this event. Are you One?

“…You are the source that you’ve always put outside yourself. Awakening is not merely an increase in awareness, it is primarily an increase in CREATIONAL abilities. The theme of this Intensive is CREATION. This is more than mastery. Mastery is a prerequisite for creation. We use the word CREATION to remind you it’s you as God/Goddess. The possibilities of what is created are unknown. They will build during the four days of your gathering. The gathering begins on the Equinox because it must begin in balance. Balance gives rise to Creation. Lifting your consciousness, lifting human consciousness, balancing that with Earth and Nature will put everything in alignment for a powerful Awakening.” MARK

You who are already on a path of accelerating spiritual growth. You don’t follow the mainstream. You want your own answers. Your are curious and committed. You KNOW the world is on the cusp of a grand re-awakening and you want to be in the forefront. Never before have we witnessed the evolution of human consciousness and the infinite possibilities that are now available. Our old ways of being are falling away as we claim golden divinity for ourselves and all. When we gather together in high consciousness groups we can and will change the world!

We will explore advanced levels of awareness, Quantum Consciousness and experience multiple dimensions that lift us out of the limits of the ordinary. We will tune ourselves to the 10th dimension—the unified field— where relationships and the ‘space between’ begin to be known to us. You’ll experience the power of the unified field, knowing what connection to all things feels like. You gain skills in the universes beyond time and space, seeking transformation in every guided process. We seek to restructure human consciousness, building bridges for others to follow.

This is an opportunity to be part of a catalyzing group of awakening humans who trust themselves and remember their mastery enough to boldly step forward as creators of the future. The workshop is created in the moment, based on those who attend.

Jonette has begun researching ways to transmit the permanent opening and integration of your right brain, leading to unbelievable states of cosmic awareness, spiritual ecstasy and awareness of the unified field. She believes the opening of our right-brain is the awakening of the Divine Feminine in each of us. We will be exploring activation processes and initiations to make this possible in our group at the MARK Intensive.
“It is a gathering of Gods knowing they are Gods, with the canvas laid out and no limits to creation both in this world and in the greater spiritual world. You think of intense as being difficult. This will be the smoothest, most enjoyable intensity you’ve ever had.” MARK

’MARK’ is a cosmic being if the Great White Brotherhood, channeled by Jonette since 1989.
He transports you easily to experience higher states of consciousness for yourself.
You receive your own wisdom and insights and can feel profound changes that only expanded awareness can give you.  If you want a path where there is guidance and signposts, but no teacher or dogma; If you yearn for spontaneous breakthroughs, but don’t know how to get going…..then working with MARK may be just the answer!

*Anyone who knows that they are part of a bigger picture of cosmic enlightenment and wants the support to expand yourself, your gifts and your Mastery.
*Anyone who has experienced the MARK work and knows the value of ‘ramping it up’ together with a large group of similar seekers over 4 intensive days of exponential growth— growth that can only happen in a focused group.
*If you are new to MARK’s work you are most welcome! You will easily be ‘carried along’ in the unstoppable flow of Awakening that happens in these Retreats!
Below you find comments from a recent MARK weekend workshop.

“We expect people to travel from all over the world for this Retreat. I can only invite you to listen to your heart and to come —letting nothing stop you —if you are supposed to be there.” Jonette

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“The Multidimensional Mastery workshop with MARK was breathtaking! It opened up new worlds for me!” Stefanie, Germany

“The weekend with you was simply wonderful! The high energy and your clarity touched me deep inside. I feel free, exhilarated, full of happiness, gratitude, full of joy, and it keeps on…! I’ve been on the path of consciousness for a couple of years and this has given me the breakthrough! It changes me and my life. Everything feels easier!” Irma, Switzerland

“Thank you so much for three amazing and transforming days. I feel totally different and for the first time in my life I feel safe and at home here on Earth. I am forever grateful. You are truly a gift.” Maj-Brit, Denmark